Warm Glow Dimming Explosion

LED technology has been rapidly growing over the past decade and now there is an even newer LED technology that will change the way you have been lighting with LED!   With a standard LED, you chose what color temperature would best work for that location. 2000K gives the color similar to candle light, warm and inviting.  LED lamps 2700 to 3000K are similar to incandescent and halogen sources and from 4000 to 5500K gives a cooler, brighter color, similar to sunlight.   This is great when you know exactly what you want 100% of the time, however we have run into countless situations where based on time of day, one color temperature is not enough!  Different times of day compliment different color temperature and rather than simply dimming your LED lamp so the power goes down and therefor the light output, you can actually dim your LED lamp so it becomes a warmer color!  The color temperature at full power would be 3000K and as it dims the color temperature drops to 2200K.  The results in LED dimming that is nearly identical to an incandescent light source. 

One company that is running with this new technology is USAI Lighting.  They have patented proprietary algorithm and circuitry that is designed to precisely mimic the black body curve of a standard 100W A19 incandescent lamp by gradually transitioning from 3700K or 3000K to 2200K.

"Performs like an LED, glows like an incandescent"